Endovac Animal Health products are based on two proprietary technologies:

Endovac Core

All Endovac Vaccines are uniquely built so that they protect against virtually all gram-negative bacteria. The secret to this technology is a unique mutant core that does not have the ability to grow endotoxin. The different types of endotoxin are what distinguish different gram-negative bacteria from each other, but the core is genetically the same for all of them. So by using this naked core without endotoxin a much wider range of bacteria is protected against than a traditional vaccine. This is why we are labeled for E.coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, and Mannheimia.

Additionally not having endotoxin on our core has an added benefit of making the vaccine safer. Endotoxin is harmful to animals and they have negative reactions when exposed to it. That is why you may have heard not to use too many gram-negative vaccines at the same time, known as gram negative stacking. Examples of these would be your Pasteurella, Pinkeye, and Foot Rot vaccines. Endovac eliminates that threat of endotoxin reactions and does not count for gram-negative vaccine stacking. It is truly one of the safest products on the market.



The patented Immunopotentiator or Immune Stimulant, IMMUNE Plus® is an added bonus in every Endovac vaccine. IMMUNE Plus® enhances the overall immune system so it can better respond to the Endovac core vaccine as well as any other vaccines or pathogens the animal encounters.

One important way we see the immune system respond is by stimulating the production of B and T lymphocytes. This greatly increases the number of these key components of the Immune System. Another measure of IMMUNE Plus can be seen in the increase of antibodies by a factor of 10. This arms the Immune system for a rapid response to threats. These benefits are a huge reason why so many of our customers utilize Endovac with IMMUNE Plus to get animals through tough times.