Who We Are

Endovac Animal Health is a Family Owned animal health company located in Columbia, MO. Founded, owned, and operated by the Sprouse family, Endovac Animal Health is rooted in family values. In a world of merging animal health companies, Endovac Animal Health stands out as a unique business model. Commitment to Superior Science and Family Values allows us to bring great products at affordable prices to our customers.


What We Do

Endovac Animal Health, manufactures vaccines and serums for livestock and companion animals to aid in the protection and treatment of virtually all diseases caused by gram-negative bacteria. Our Main focus is Dairy and Beef Cattle, but we also have excellent product lines for Horses, Puppies, and Pigs.




IMMVAC was founded to commercialize novel technology developed by Dr. Ronald F. Sprouse, Professor of Pathology, and Dr. Harold E. Garner, DVM at the University of Missouri.


Endoserum for treatment of Horses was licensed by the USDA


Endovac Licensed and began manufacturing


Ron and Dorothy Sprouse purchased the rest of the company from the Garners.


Facilities expanded to meet production demands and additional office space.


Kevin Sprouse Took Over as Executive Vice President


Endovac-Bovi was rebranded Endovac-Dairy and Endovac-Beef


The company is owned and ran by Kevin Sprouse who lives and works at our home office in Columbia. Products are sold primarily through our distribution partners and the company continues to grow. A bright future is ahead for Endovac Animal Health as a stand-alone Family Owned animal health company.