The ONLY core-antigen vaccine available for use in swine!

Feeder Pigs’ Performance Benefits from vaccination with ENDOVAC-Porci®

  • Improved feed conversion ratios
  • Decreased mortality
  • Fewer light-weight pigs

Recent field studies using ENDOVAC-Porci® showed improved feed conversion ratios, decreased mortality, and fewer light weight pigs.

More than 34,000 pigs were involved in recent studies on farms in Missouri and Arkansas. Approximately half of the pigs received either one or two doses of ENDOVAC-Porci®. An equal number received no vaccine. Salmonella choleraesuis, Salmonella typhimurium, E-coli and Pasteurella multocida were isolated from necropsy tissues indicating that these Gram negative bacteria were consistently present. ENDOVAC-Porci® reduced the endotoxic effects associated with decreases in production.