Product Immunology Breakdown:

Bacterin: Totally Naked Mutant Core that doesn’t have the ability to grow LPS. The core has a completely exposed cell wall that is common to all gram-negative bacteria.

Toxoid: Separate component, that is completely different than the bacterin. It is not just a loose toxin that has separated from the bacterin. It has been totally detoxified yet retains its mitogen properties through stimulation of certain TLRs. This makes it more than just and adjuvant and a true Immunostimulant.

Virtually any gram-negative you can think of DVMs use Endovac for.

The cell walls of all gram-negatives are exactly the same, it is only LPS that differentiates them as separate species and serotypes. Creating a gram-negative mutant that does not have the ability to grow LPS, means that we can actually make antibodies for the epitopes on the cell wall. Normal gram-negative vaccines, or even the J5 cores cannot do this, because the antigenicity of the LPS is too strong and the antigen presenting cells completely ignore the cell wall. By putting it in completely devoid of LPS and coupling it with a true immunostimulant, we are able to make antibodies for epitopes all over the exposed cell wall.

Two Technologies, One Bottle

Endovac Vaccine

  • Unprecedented efficacy

  • Doesn’t create large milk drop due to no active endotoxins

  • Unrivaled pathogens protected

Immune Plus

  • Activated immune system for stronger responses

  • Only immune stimulant included in a vaccine

  • Increases antibodies, lymphocytes and neutrophils