SEPTI-serum® FAQ

Few things are more playful than a puppy…

Unless it becomes infected with parvovirus enteritis.

If left untreated, this highly contagious virus can lead to death.

Questions & Answers

How is SEPTI-serum® supplied?

SEPTI-serum® is supplied in 50 ml bottles from veterinarians and most major distributors.

SEPTI-serum® has a 36 month shelf life when properly refrigerated.


When should SEPTI-serum® be used?

As with any therapeutic product, efficacy will likely increase when SEPTI-serum® is used early in the disease process. In general, lgG(t) (anti-endoxin) antibodies have a similar half-life as normal lgG. These antibodies are used rapidly when a septicemia is present. Therefore, the earlier SEPTI-serum® is administered the better.

How often can SEPTI-serum® be given?

SEPTI-serum® is recommended to be given only once. In general, the risks of adverse responses to heterologous antiserum dramatically increase after 6-7 days following initial administration.

How is SEPTI-serum® administered?

SEPTI-serum is recommended for intravenous administration at a dosage of 2-4 ml per pound body weight. SEPTI-serum should be warmed to body temperature, diluted at least 1:1 with any sterile isotonic solution and administered slowly in not less than 30 minutes.