How is ENDOSERUM administered?

ENDOSERUM® is to be warmed to room temperature, diluted in an equal or larger volume of sterile physiological saline or lactated Ringer’s solution, and administered intravenously. It is very important for the administration to be completed in NO LESS THAN 30 MINUTES. If administration results in coughing, shaking or shivering, administration should be slowed or temporarily ceased. Because immunoglobin may be rapidly depleted during Gram negative diseased, it is recommended that the administration be repeated if signs of endotoxemia recur or persist. If an allergic response occurs, epinephrine or its equivalent should be administered.

ENDOSERUM® should be stored at 2 – 7 °C (34 – 45 °F). Freezing is not recommended although frozen samples tested for potency have not been damaged by one freezing.