ENDOSERUM® for passive immunity

ENDOSERUM® is an effective aid antiserum which contains high levels of anti-endotoxin antibodies that begin to neutralize endotoxins immediately upon IV administration. These two products are effective weapons in the fight against endotoxemia, the deadly enemy and #1 killer of horses and foals.

Questions & Answers

When should ENDOSERUM be used?

When administered to horses, ENDOSERUM® increases circulating levels of IgG anti-endotoxin antibodies. Administration of ENDOSERUM® should be considered when clinical signs and/or laboratory data indicate impending or ongoing Gram-negative endotoxemia in adult horses or foals. Specific indications include foals that have failed to receive adequate passive transfer of Gram negative maternal antibodies via colostrum, horses recovering from abdominal surgery, horses suffering from Gram negative bacteremia, Gram negative metritis, Gram negative diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders due to carbohydrate overload. Because of the severe responses Gram negative endotoxins cause in horses, early diagnosis and treatment are of utmost importance.

How ENDOSERUM supplied?

ENDOSERUM® is available in 500ml and 250ml bottles from veterinarians and most major distributors.

ENDOSERUM® has a 36 month shelf life when properly refrigerated.



How Dosage is determined?

Recommended dosage for treatment of an anticipated acute endotoxemic episode via IgG antibodies is 0.7 ml ENDOSERUM® per pound of body weight.
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Horse Size
1000 lbs.
800 lbs.
150 lbs.
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700 ml
525 ml or 1 – 500 ml unit
105 ml or 1 – 100 ml unit

Because immunoglobulin may be rapidly depleted during Gram-negative diseases, it is recommended that the administration be repeated if signs of endotoxemia recur or persist.

Recommended dosage for treating FPT by increasing total IgG levels is determined by the foal’s extracellular fluid volume or body weight and the amount of IgG increases desired.


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Foal Size
50 lbs.
75 lbs.
100 lbs.
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To raise IgG 200 mg/dl
350 ml
525 ml or 1 – 500 ml unit
700 ml
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To raise IgG 400 mg/dl
700 ml
1050 ml or 2 – 500 ml units
1400 ml

How is ENDOSERUM administered?

ENDOSERUM® is to be warmed to room temperature, diluted in an equal or larger volume of sterile physiological saline or lactated Ringer’s solution, and administered intravenously. It is very important for the administration to be completed in NO LESS THAN 30 MINUTES. If administration results in coughing, shaking or shivering, administration should be slowed or temporarily ceased. Because immunoglobin may be rapidly depleted during Gram negative diseased, it is recommended that the administration be repeated if signs of endotoxemia recur or persist. If an allergic response occurs, epinephrine or its equivalent should be administered.

ENDOSERUM® should be stored at 2 – 7 °C (34 – 45 °F). Freezing is not recommended although frozen samples tested for potency have not been damaged by one freezing.