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FAQ:  How is ENDOVAC-Porci® supplied?

ENDOVAC-Porci® is available in 100 dose vials from veterinarians and most major distributors.

ENDOVAC-Porci® with IMMUNE Plus® a 36 month shelf life when properly refrigerated.

FAQ:  What is the shelf life of ENDOVAC-Porci®?

ENDOVAC-Porci® currently carries a 36 month shelf-life. Should you ever have any Endovac Animal Health product which is out-of-date, we will replace it at no charge if returned within 90 days of out-of-date.

FAQ:  How does ENDOVAC-Porci® actually protect?

Since endotoxin is released upon cell death, endotoxemia results in a host of clinical signs and symptoms, including CNS depression, pyrexia, tachypnea, DIC and death. Anti-endotoxin antibodies resulting from R-mutant bacterins are effective in attenuating these signs, leading to decreased morbidity and severity of clinical signs.

FAQ:  What makes ENDOVAC-Porci® different from other vaccines?

There are numerous serotypes of Salmonella choleraesuis and Salmonella typhimurium based on variations in the chemical structure of the Lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin) in it’s cell wall. Conventional vaccines usually incorporate only 1 or 2 serotypes of Salmonella. Ever changing genetic shifts and drifts in the Salmonella pathogens often make these conventional serotype vaccines ineffective. Since the core antigen of the Re-17 mutant in ENDOVAC-Porci® is common in all serotypes of Salmonella, it is unaffected by these genetic changes in the Salmonella pathogens cell wall, thus allowing a single vaccine to afford protection against the various serotypes of Salmonella choleraesius and Salmonella typhimurium.

In addition, since bacterial endotoxins cause the clinical signs associated with many gram-negative diseases, anti-endotoxin activity is extremely important. It has been known for years that anti-core-antigen antibodies have been shown to prevent the effects of endotoxin-mediated diseases caused by a variety of gram-negative organisms. ENDOVAC-Porci® uses the mutagenically derived Re type mutant of Salmonella typhimurium that produces anti-core antibodes which react with the “Re core antigen” common in the cell wall of aerobic gram negative bacteria.

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FAQ:  What is ENDOVAC-Porci®

ENDOVAC-Porci® is a bacterin-toxoid utilizing a new immunological approach for the aid in prevention of endotoxin-mediated diseases caused by Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella choleraesuis.