FAQ:  How is SEPTI-serum® supplied?

SEPTI-serum® is supplied in 50 ml bottles from veterinarians and most major distributors.

SEPTI-serum® has a 36 month shelf life when properly refrigerated.


FAQ:  When should SEPTI-serum® be used?

As with any therapeutic product, efficacy will likely increase when SEPTI-serum® is used early in the disease process. In general, lgG(t) (anti-endoxin) antibodies have a similar half-life as normal lgG. These antibodies are used rapidly when a septicemia is present. Therefore, the earlier SEPTI-serum® is administered the better.

FAQ:  How often can SEPTI-serum® be given?

SEPTI-serum® is recommended to be given only once. In general, the risks of adverse responses to heterologous antiserum dramatically increase after 6-7 days following initial administration.

FAQ:  How is SEPTI-serum® administered?

SEPTI-serum is recommended for intravenous administration at a dosage of 2-4 ml per pound body weight. SEPTI-serum should be warmed to body temperature, diluted at least 1:1 with any sterile isotonic solution and administered slowly in not less than 30 minutes.

FAQ:  Why is ENDOVAC-Equi® not recommended to be used during the active training periods?

Stress due to active training is known to create some immune suppression in the horse. Vaccination during active training is not recommended because of the potential for reduced immune responses. Horses in training should be vaccinated during the “off season” or during a rest period and allowed to exercise freely following vaccination.

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