Wildfire Revenue Donation Program


Purchase Endovac & Help The Cause

You may not have heard about it in the National Media, but Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, & Colorado Ranchers have been devastated by Wildfires.  Thousands of cattle lost, more injured, forages destroyed, homes burned, & rancher lives lost.

We have seen many of our friends in the industry trucking hay, fencing supplies, and essentials to those in need.  We asked ourselves what we could do with our resources to help. While none of these affected producers are thinking about giving vaccines right now, many across the country are.  So, we are donating Endovac revenue the rest of March directly to organizations helping these ranchers.

Can I use Endovac in my Operation?

All Cattlemen who vaccinate can use Endovac in their protocols. Vaccinate with Endovac this year, save some money, & make a difference.  Plan on vaccinating in the next few months?  Purchase now to make sure your vaccine dollars help the cause. 

For questions on vaccine use and sourcing call: Jesse Brown (208)-559-8852

Where will the funds go?

We will make all our final donations public for our customer’s benefit.  Some of the organizations we plan to donate to include the Kansas Livestock Foundation, the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation, as well as several CO and TX organizations.  Have Suggestions, give Kourtney a call.

Can I donate funds in addition to purchasing Endovac?






The MORE Endovac Vaccine You Buy…the MORE financial aid we can give!

Now through the end of March, IMMVAC       (Makers of Endovac) is donating revenue from Endovac Sales to Cattlemen recovering from Wildfires.


Our Employee project Point Person:

Kourtney Neuharth

(TX, OK, & Southwest Rep)




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